Date: 10.11.2011

The Govt. of India, Ministry of  Health and FW while fulfilling  the assurance in Lok Sabha Unstarred Q.No. 1139 dt.  30/7/2010 regarding consumption  of vegetable juice asked by  Shrimati Botcha Jhanshi Lakshmi.  To fulfill the assurance  Department of Health, Govt. of India had constituted an expert  committee at ICMR under  Chairmanship of Dr. S.K.  Sharma, Prof. & Head, Department  of Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi to  investigate the issue of safely of consumption of lauki juice.  After examination of all aspects  of lauki juice, the committee has  recommended the following:

For Public  : The community needs to be educated regarding the following;
i) A Small piece of lauki should be tasted before extracting the juice to ensure that it's not bitter. If it is bitter, it should be discarded.
ii)  Bitter tasting lauki juice should be consumed at all.
iii)  lauki juice  should not mixed with any other Juice.
iv)  After consumption of lauki juice if there any discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or any feeling of uneasiness, the person should be immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

For Clinicians : Any case which comes with symptoms of any discomfort, nausea, vomiting diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding after consumption of lauki juice should immediately be attended and following assessment should be carried out after securing an IV route:
i) Detailed clinical examination with recording of Vitals Details of the quantity of juice consumed and its taste should also be recorded.
ii) Hemogram, Urine examination , biochemical, electrolytes, liver & kidney function tests including prothrombin time and platelet counts, serum amylase, blood sugar.
iii)  Others: X-Ray chest, ESG, Ultrasound and Endoscopy as and when required.

Principles of Management: Since there is no specific antidote available, following measures are suggested:
i) General supportive care : IV fluids / crystalloids / bloods products / fresh frozen plasma to maintain the hemodynamics and electrolyte balance;
ii)  Ryle's tube to be put in for grastic lavage and to assess gastrointestinal bleeding aspirate to be preserved.
iii)  Proton pump inhibitors for management of gastrointestinal bleeding and
iv)  Appropriate treatment for other complications.