Date: 12.12.2010

The Assitant SessionJudge, Fast Track  Court, Mapusa has  Vide order dated
29/11/2010 upheld the conviction order of Mapusa based quack shri Hemantrai Biradar,
whIch was passed by the Judicial Magistrate first CIass, Mapusa-Goa; under Drugs and
Cosmetics Act on 21/04/2010.

Mrs. Jyoti Sardesai, alongwith Medha Dessai the officers of Directorate of food
and Drugs Administration had raided the premises of Shri Hemantrai Biradar. at Mapusa
who was found practicing in allopathy system of medicine without having the requsite
qualification to be considered as Registered Medical Practitioner under Drugs and
Cosmetics Act; and had stocked Drugs; wllhout obtaining licence in contravention of
section 18 ( c) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

A prosecution case was filed againts shri Hemantrai Biradar for the above
contravention at JMFC, Mapusa Goa . Sho Vincent D'Silva,Judicail Magistrate First Class had sanctioned the accused to undergo one day simple imprisonment till the rising of the court and to pay a fine of Rs. 5000/-, in default to undergo a simple imprisonment for three months.

Shri Birandar has appealed to the first Tract Court, Mapusa againts the above order; which is upheld by Asst. Sessions judge. Shri Narayan S. Amonkar, and the appeal is dismissed.

Asst. Public Procecutor, Ms Clarita Simons Appeared on behalf of the State at Judicial magistrate First Class Court, Mapusa and Public Procecutor Mrs. Sunita Nagvekar appearedar the First Track Court, Mapusa.