Licensing of drug manufacturing and sales establishments.
Licensing of drug approved testing laboratories.
Approval of drug formulations for manufacture.
Grant of certificates – WHO-GMP COPP, Validity, Performances, etc
Monitoring of quality of Drugs & Cosmetics, manufactured in the State and those marketed in the state.
Detection of any manufacture and sale of drugs without licences;
Verifying the compliances of the conditions of licences;
Verifying sale of drugs on prescription;
Verifying the availability of Registered Pharmacists at Retailers;
Issue of permits for the sale and consumption of narcotics medicinal drugs;
Investigation and prosecution in respect of contravention of legal provisions.
Administrative actions.
Pre- and post- licensing inspection.
Recall of sub-standard drugs.
Verifying availability of any banned drugs, spurious drugs, etc
Screening of any objectionable advertisements relating to drugs