Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration is mandated to ensure the availability of safe food and drugs to the general public at large



To strive for pharmaceutical excellence and health by ensuring the availability of safe, effective and quality food and drugs to the public and our endeavor to continue with the time tested tradition of sustaining Goa Food and Drugs Administration as one of the best FDA in the Country and pool into all sincere efforts to place FDA - Goa on the global map as one of the best regulatory institution.


Drug enforcement section:

The Drugs Officers conduct periodical inspections for grant oflicences to the drugs manufacturing and sales establishments and carryout periodic routine inspection to verify compliance. They also draw samples of drugs manufactured and marketed in the State for the purpose of test/analysis, so as to keep check on the quality of drugs They also investigate complaints and file prosecution cases for violation of Drugs and Cosmetics Act 140 and Rules there under and other relevant legislations.


Food enforcement section:

The Food Safety Officers inspect the food establishments for grant/renewal of licences, investigate complaints, draw food samples for analysis and file prosecution cases for violation of Act and Rules and the Senior Food safety Officer are in addition to above are functioning as Registering Authority; and Designated Officer as the Licensing Authority under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006/ Regulations 2011.


Food Laboratory:

The Food Laboratory carries out analysis of food samples that are referred by Food Safety Officers, Port Health Authority, Police Department, Customs Department and the Railways etc.


Drug Testing Laboratory:

Drug Testing Laboratory, carries out analysis of drug samples and cosmet samples referred under Drugs and Cosmetics Rule 1945 and the Goa Narcot Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules 1987.

Short term goals:-

• To increase number of inspections

• To increase the number of samples drawn to 120 for drugs for testing.

• To increase the number of food and drugs sample tested ( 1400 each).

• Implementation of Eat Right Initiatives of the Food Safety and Standards

Authority of India in both the district and to achieve highest performance in the eat right district challenge.

• To ensure surveillance sampling of high risk food items like milk meats etc.

• To implement online app based inspection on field and to minimize physical interface between citizens and officials by provide online/ digital services.

• To implement the Food Safety Mitra Scheme to help FBOs in processing online application and to also facilitate employment generation through Mitras.

• To certify at least 1-2 clean street food hubs in the State.

• To certify at least one clean and fresh vegetable market

Medium term goals:-

• To certify at least 5-6 clean street food hubs in the State.

• To certify at least 3-4 clean and fresh vegetable market

• Ensure close to 1 005 licensing and Registration of Food Business operators.

• NABL accreditation of FDA laboratory.


Long Term Goals:-

• To certify at least one clean street food hub/cleans and fresh vegetable market per taluka.

• Ensure maximum coverage of all the Eat Right Initiative of FSSAI.


Strategic Planning:

To achieve the goals as envisaged above this Directorate is in process of NAB ACCREDITATION of the Food & Drugs Laboratory.

The process of recruitment of staff for Laboratory is initiated by creating additional posts and filling up of vacant post of laboratory is also in process.

This Directorate has also recruited four new Drugs Inspectors.


The eat right district challenge has been launched on 16/10/2020 on the occasion of World Food Day Thus challenge encompassed a mix of Enforcement, capacity building, awareness and consumer empowerment initiatives which have been well defined and the targets have been fixed. The Directorate has constituted the District level advisory committees which is an interdepartmental committee to ensure smooth implementation of the initiatives. Further Directorate has identified one Sr. Food Safety Officer(along with Food Safety Officers) per taluka to ensure appropriate attention and maximum coverage in the particular area.

The Directorate is in the process of recruitment of additional enforcement officials and support staff, through the services if these additional staff; the Directorate aims at reaching out to the public in the most effective manner and to ensure implementation of all the structured initiatives/ certifications formulated by FSSAI. The Directorate also aims at extending its reach to the village areas by engaging the Local bodies and consumer organizations to propagate the message and awareness on food safety.


With the additional work force the Directorates Laboratory will be self sustaining and equipped to carry out large volume of samples analysis using the best in class analytical technology thus reinforcing the arm of food risk surveillance.


Action Plan:

Enforcement of the related food & drugs laws to achieve above goals.